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CompExecs has longstanding relationships with compensation, benefits, and HR
professionals across industries, geographies, and levels. We stay in regular
contact with those in our network through periodic conversations, email updates,
and targeted inquires about specific roles we are working on. It is important to note
that we do not share any candidate information with client companies, unless the
candidate gives us permission to do so.

We believe voice to voice communication is the most effective way to build
relationships. Please call us at 704-256-7068 for more information on what we can
do for you as a client or as a professional looking to enhance your career.  

If you prefer to connect through email, please share your information below, or
reach out to Kevin Raines directly at
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"Voice to voice
communication builds

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"Networking is incredibly
powerful and our business is
built on the resulting long-
term relationships”

704-256-7068;; P.0 Box 79191 Charlotte, NC 28271

Exclusively Focused on Compensation, Benefits, and HR Professional Executive Search