"Every search is unique. We tailor our search research to fit the
specific needs of each client.”

“We equip the client team to identify qualified candidates and
fill their role as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

“We have a strong history of successfully identifying candidates
for our clients, with a historic placement rate exceeding that of
other search firms.”
Our Approach

At CompExecs, we view ourselves as an extension of the client team, working in close
collaboration with both the talent acquisition team and hiring leader.

Our goal is to identify three to five qualified and interested candidates within the first few
weeks of the engagement. On many occasions, clients fill roles from the initial set of
candidates. For more complex roles, the initial set of candidates serves as a benchmark for
further search research.

In the search research process, we identify and engage potential candidates, assessing
their qualifications, interest in the client’s role, cultural fit, and mobility preferences.

Upon identifying qualified, interested candidates, we share candidate work history,
education background, and compensation with the client team and collectively determine
the next steps for candidate engagement.

With the client’s selection of the final candidate, we assist with offer negotiation and
reference checks, but rely on the client company’s talent acquisition team for background

CompExecs operates from an established platform of trust and candor with both our client
companies and network of potential candidates.

Exclusively Focused on Compensation, Benefits, and HR Professional Executive Search

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